Here are some tips:

  1. Prepare: research the company/organisation you are trying to join and position you are aiming for and come to the interview with a couple of prepared questions – just in case you are asked if you have any questions about them or the position. You may want to ask these questions at some stage anyway;
  2. Arrive on time for the interview looking tidy and well-dressed;
  3. Be polite;
  4. Have a copy of your original application to hand and be familiar with what you wrote. You may well be asked to explain or expand on it.
  5. Expect a question along the lines of ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years’/10 years’ time?’ and be ready with a considered answer;
  6. Because nearly all positions require communication skills to some degree, expect a question asking you to demonstrate that you have such skills. A strong response on your part would be along the lines of ‘I am well aware of the importance of communication skills and I have been (or I have recently become) a member of Oatley RSL Toastmasters and I am working regularly on my communication skills.’ An answer along these lines will put you well ahead of most other applicants. (see Home Page).